Friday, May 20, 2016

Kindness Matters

I recently wrote about my Dad, who was, and will always be, my idol.  He told when I graduated with my first master’s It doesn’t matter how many letters you have behind your name, or how many people know your name, if you're a jerk, that’s all people will remember about you”.  WOW.  Kindness matters.  How true is that?

This week I received an award from a student recognizing me for being an outstanding educator. When calling his mom to thank her she said he calls me his “school mom”. This alone means the world to me.  Mom and I both started choking up as she shared stories of things that I had did or said to her or him this year.  None of them monumental in my opinion, just things that needed to be done, but it made me realize the impact that a person can have on a person.

I then started thinking about some of the amazingly kind things that others have done for me recently.

  • The wife of my internship mentor @CharityDodd sent an email on my behalf for a job that I had applied for.  I haven't had the opportunity to meet her, but her taking the time to do this and help me shows her extreme kindness and willingness to help others. Kindness matters.
  • My #CompelledTribe leader @jon_wennstrom has been so supportive this year. Again, someone I haven’t personally met, but someone I know that I can reach out to with questions and that will answer me with honesty and concrete advice.  Kindness matters.
  • I think about my new friend @meremendoza1 who sends me daily messages of inspiration and encouragement.  “Hang in there”.  “Thank you for what you do”.  She inspires me by raising a family of ten, and STILL finds time to make sure that I am okay!  Kindness matters.
  • My OSU professor @abanthony2 who emailed me a letter of encouragement. Rarely do you see a professor become someone you consider a friend. I am lucky to be supported by someone who believes in me and wants to help me in my next professional journey. Kindness matters.

All of these things make me think of what I can do to help others.  Leading into the summer I am going to make sure that people know I care and I'm willing to help. I'm willing to send a letter a reference, make a phone call, make a connection, meet a friend for lunch. Whatever it takes, because kindness matters.

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  1. Jodie,

    Thank you for the kind words:) So glad we have been able to connect through the Compelled Tribe and your posts and positive energy are appreciated!! Keep up the great work and keep making a difference every day!