Friday, September 2, 2016

Yours? Mine? No, OURS!

“That boy who wears all the eyeliner and dresses in all black.  Do you have him this year?”

“Jessica is one of Kyle’s students.  I just have her in my inclusion math class.  Ask Kyle what you should do.”

“It was those ELL students that sit in the back of the cafeteria.”

“Did you see that girl crying in the hall again last period. Who is she?”

“He’s one of the new foreign exchange students.  He’s from Japan or China, I think.”

“You know, the girl in the wheelchair from Kathy’s class.”

“They just can’t keep up in my class. I don’t know why they’re placed in my class with no support.”

“Hey, Jenny, 'your boy' was just sitting in my class listening to music and drawing again.”

These students all have names.  They all have stories. Do you know them?  
They aren’t just Kyle’s or Kathy’s or Jenny's.
Not just yours.
Not just mine.

They’re OURS.


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