Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Women in Leadership

I’m currently co-leading a Voxer book chat using Chip and Dan Heath’s book The Power of Moments. The book is truly amazing, and talks about how events in our lives evolve into defining moments. I am so beyond words right now, as the past few days have been peaks of defining moments for me!

On Sunday I was able to meet in person (and finally hug) my mentor and friend Jennifer Hogan. For those who follow Jennifer on social media she is every bit as amazing as she appears! She has been an inspiration and mentor to me for a few years, but to see her in action truly has confirmed my desire to be a leader and continue to share her vision.

I came to Alabama to attend the 1st Women in Educational Leadership Summit. Monday was a morning full of connecting and learning from dedicated, inspiring, educated women who want to move our profession forward. I listened, took notes, and was thoroughly engaged with every word said at every session I attended. Afterwards I again met with Jennifer and I am so dedicated to bringing an event like this to Ohio that I have already started making contacts back home!

As women in education, and leadership, we have to continue to build and support each other. There is a wealth of knowledge available to us, not only in our buildings and districts, but through social media and through PLNs (personal learning networks) and we have to start sharing our message with others. 

We have to start growing our next generation of female leaders as well. We need our students to share their voice and start dreaming about their future. We need to encourage, support and be mentors.

I highly encourage looking through the #wmnleadsummit18 hashtag and start thinking about what you can do to make this happen in your area for 2019! We are better together.

Dream Big!

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