Monday, August 1, 2016

School Leaders -- I'm Hiring!

I just finished my school administration master’s and the ink is still drying on my license. Sure, I learned the pedagogy behind school administration, school law, human resources, etc. I was so lucky to be able to complete a wonderful internship at both the elementary and high school level and had great mentors.  But now I’m done, well, with the requirements. Now what?

I can tell you I’m not done.  I crave learning and will continue to seek out learning opportunities.  This is my passion and a future goal that I will continue to strive for.  As a connected educator I am fortunate to be connected with other educators and leaders. I read blogs, books, and participate in Twitter chats, but I’m sure there is still a lot that I am missing. So, I’m hiring school leaders who will continue to help me grow as a future school leader!
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I recently saw Tom Peters’ quote “True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders” as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed.  As a school leader I challenge you to the following:

  • Find the aspiring leaders in your building and offer sound advice. Have conversations with these staff members and share your experiences with them. Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly.  It’s really the only way we’ll know if this is what we truly are passionate about. Message me - I want to hear it!
  • Share resources.  Find a great article? Find a great blog?  Know of a great book? Share!  We want to learn and grow.  Yes, we learn in school, but the “real” is what we will benefit from the most!
  • Have a great conference or PD opportunity that you know about?  Please tell us.  We don’t hear about the opportunities in fields that we aren’t a part of yet.  Same with EdChats - invite us!  We may lurk, but again, that’s how we learn.
  • Let us join you in presenting or allow us to present at staff meetings.  Can we assist or lead on a project?  Ask us our ideas, maybe we have an idea that we would like to try to implement.  
  • Be a mentor!  Seek out teachers going through their admin program in your school or in your district and ask “How can I help?”.  Even better - contact a local university that is working with aspiring administrators and ask to present or mentor a student! Again, many of us want to see the authentic side to school administration.

We’re the next generation of school leaders.  We look up to you.  We can only be as great as those who guide and teach us.

Are you willing to accept my job offer - will you help me grow and learn? I’m ready to hire!

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