Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"The Edge"

I was born and raised in a suburb of Columbus.  I did both rounds of my graduate work at The Ohio State University, so suffice to say, I’m a HUGE Buckeye fan.  So yesterday, when Urban Meyer stated that the motto for the 2016 Football Buckeyes was going to be “The Edge” I wanted to learn more.

“The Edge is where the average stop and the elite begins.” The Edge is intended to symbolize a point where the work in practice becomes very difficult and great players persevere while average players give up.

As educators and school leaders we need to push ourselves to “the edge” as we start this new school year.

  • We must try new things and take risks.  Don’t be afraid of failure, but rather afraid of what you may miss if you don’t try.
  • We must set goals for ourselves, both personally and professionally.  Have accountability checks with people you trust.
  • We must meet new people.  We learn and grow from others.  Meet the new staff in your building - all the staff, not just the teachers, and really talk to them.  Grow your Personal Learning Network as well.
  • We must be present - give 100% to the students and building you are serving. Leave the negativity behind.
  • We must define our “why” and revisit this often.  Don’t ever forget why you chose education as your profession. Make it your passion.
  • We must have fun.  Take time to laugh and truly enjoy what you are doing.
  • We must be kind.  Even on the hardest days, take a step back, take a step outside, but be kind.

Make this the year you find your edge!



  1. Love this Jodie, especially the part about setting goals with a plan for personal accountability! Even though I am a MSU fan, I related to the ideas of your post :) Go green, go white!

    1. Thank you! I still adore you and Jon even though you may be fans of that state up north! :) LOL

  2. Jodie,

    Loved the post...we all need to find "the edge"! And I will refrain from putting up a picture of me in my U of M shirt;) Have a great start to the year!!


    1. You too Jon! Thank you :)
      I told Allyson I still adore my tribe members in that state up north :)