Monday, January 1, 2018

#My3Words for 2018

This year I have decided to follow Chris Brogan and choose three words to guide me through 2018. Last year, I chose believe as my #oneword, and as I allowed myself to believe in myself and others, I grew. Reflecting on that and what may help me this year, I choose dream, evolve and reflect as #my3words for 2018. 


For those who know me, in 2017, I took some of my dreams and turned them into reality. I am truly humbled by the support and the outcomes of the projects, but, I’m not done. I have a lot more dreaming to do! There are many ideas I have jotted down in notebooks and my ultimate dream of becoming a school leader is still something I am working towards. NOTHING is out of our realm of possibilities, and we need to believe that hard work will make these all attainable! I will continue to dream and will encourage others to #DreamBig with me.


I plan to evolve as an educator and learner this year. I will grow with and from my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and refine my practice. As I move towards a new journey into leadership, there is no doubt that I will evolve. I have more professional goals, and as I work on these, I will evolve. I am confident that the connections that I have made with the many wonderful educators throughout the US will help me evolve this year. I’m counting on all of you!


I am a huge advocate for personal reflection to help growth. This year, I will reflect more often and do so with intention and purpose. I want my reflections to drive my growth and thoughts towards improvement. I plan to journal my reflections better and share with others so they can foster my growth as well.

I am so excited about the possibilities of 2018. 
It is sure to be another year of learning, newness and excitement! 

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