Monday, July 16, 2018

Why YOU should be a mentor!

Mentoring often occurs organically once a new school leader enters your building or district. You take them under your wing, you help them through the paperwork, you’re the listening ear that they need. It’s a friendship that forms and often lasts for years.

But have you considered reaching out and mentoring ASPIRING school leaders? Guiding them and encouraging them prior to them entering the field? You MUST! Here’s why:

  • Aspiring School Leaders learn pedagogy and theory in leadership programs. It’s YOU as practicing school leaders that can share with them the day to day “real life” of a administrator.
  • Remember your first year? Wish you knew something more prior to going in? Now’s your time to give back and help others!
  • You know what you’re looking for in a fellow administrator. Share this so the TOP candidates are out looking for jobs. GROW our profession.
  • Think of a person who has made a huge impact on you - now pay that forward.
  • It’s such a HUGE gift to give that takes little time each month. Make a phone call, Vox, do a Google Hangout, email. Relationships matter and help mentees tremendously!
Mentoring is a small thing that adds up to BIG rewards to a future leader. Are you ready? Do you support building greatness for our students by bringing top leaders into schools? Can you commit to having this authentic, helping relationship for the next ten months? No set times, you and your protege decide what works best for you.

We have a cohort of aspiring leaders ready for you! We are in need of leaders in ALL areas!!

--- Not ready to mentor, but still feel you have something to offer --- 

We also host short webinars for these aspiring leaders. If you would be interested in sharing your experience this way we would also appreciate your support.  Sign up or suggest your area of expertise!

Mentoring does change lives! Sign up here --

This is the second year of our amazing support program -- check out what we did in year one:

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