Monday, August 6, 2018

Why I Tribe

I admit it, I’m not a great blogger. Thoughts don’t come to me like they do others. I sit in front of the laptop, and stare at the screen hoping for inspiration. I’ll write, but then I question myself. Doubt sets in. I compare my piece to the others that I had recently read. Do I post, do I delete? AGH!

The one thing that I do know, however, is that I have the GREATEST support team ever. When I joined the Compelled Tribe and started to get to know the other members and the lead “inspirers” (Jennifer Hogan, Craig Vroom and Jon Wennstrom) I immediately knew I was in a good place.

I tribe for the support that the members consistently give. I know that my tribe has my back and will support and provide feedback through my journey.

I tribe because I have a group of friends that although I’ve never met most of them face to face, I know that they are the truest, most genuine people and educators around.

I tribe because I am a work in progress and my tribe accepts that about me. They encourage my growth and journey.

I tribe because it allows me to reflect and grow. My work and words may not be the best, but they are mine, and they allow me to see where I need to go next.

I tribe because without my tribe I truly wouldn’t be who I am today.

Thank you Compelled Tribe for making me a better educator and person! Much respect to all of you!

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