Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Forever Thankful

There are many reasons for me to be thankful.  I am lucky to have many wonderful people in my life that make me a better educator and person.  These people need to be recognized (in more than 140 characters) for their dedication and thoughtfulness.

Allyson Apsey
Everyone needs a spark of happiness and joy in their circle, and Allyson is exactly that!  Allyson shares happiness and hope in every conversation I have with her.  She is a cheerleader of all cheerleaders.  Allyson is strong female leader and I am encouraged by her dedication to those she serves. She is a true role model and friend.

Bobby Dodd
Bobby is a true mentor.  He graciously accepted a random email from a stranger that said “would you be willing to work with a high school admin intern?” and guided me through a year of learning and growth.  I truly wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today without him.  I know I drive him crazy (still) with my questions and messages, but he will always be someone whom I look up to because he was willing to take a chance.  He was, and is, willing to take the time to make a difference in the lives of others.  Truly great educators do that.

Jon Harper
Jon has taught me that making mistakes is not only okay, but a good thing!  I am so thankful for his caring thoughts that he shares so openly through his blog.  His podcasts are extraordinary!  They allow all educators to see that we all make mistakes and we all learn and grow from them.  Jon writes and speaks from his heart, and it is truly refreshing.  Jon is truly an inspiration!

Jennifer Hogan
When I think of strong females in education my mind immediately goes to Jennifer. She is someone I know I can reach out to with questions and support.  Although I have never personally met Jennifer, I know that I will someday, because I am determined to do so. Her positive outlook, genuine kindness and heart of gold is truly something I admire.  I respect her position and desire to make women in leadership positions grow. I am honored to call Jennifer a mentor and friend.

Derek Oldfield
Derek is my #EduBrother and I am so grateful for our connection.  Derek is a passionate leader and educator.  When I think about Derek I think about a true innovator and change agent.  Derek is so dedicated to changing education in such a positive way for his students and staff. There’s not a week that goes by that Derek doesn’t push my thinking and make my desire for change even greater.  Derek is going great places, and I am glad to watch him in this journey.

Jon Wennstrom
When I think of an educator that loves his profession, loves his job and loves his students, I think of Jon.  He shows his dedication through the many pictures and stories he posts of his school.  I love how he celebrates his school and staff each week.  He truly motivates me and has been an inspiration to me and my blogging. Jon has such a positive influence on so many and is inspiring through his work.

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