Monday, November 14, 2016

Powerful Words

I was recently communicating with a parent about an upcoming IEP meeting for her child and she stated “Even if you have a few words to exchange with someone, individuals, youth as well as adults, can sense genuine concern and kindness.”  


This message really made me think about not only how we are interacting with our students, but with one another. We all are affected by words, or at times, even a lack of words or communication.  Think about how rewarding it is to be tagged in a post or have someone “like” what you have shared. It allows you to believe that someone is thinking of you and values you.  Think about how powerful “that was great”, “thank you” or a smile is to you. Even an emoji response can be a day brightener! 😊

I think back to Friday where I just wanted to end my day, go home, and start my weekend (we all have those days, right?).  The bell rang, I headed to my office and in followed one of my students.  

“Miss Pierpoint, Miss Pierpoint!  I forgot to tell you to have a great weekend this morning.”

How horrible that my thoughts were that I was going to have to put out another fire and he just wanted to wish me a great weekend. Shame on me. I am so grateful to end my day this way. You see, kindness matters and his words mattered.  This 15 year old knows that.

Words and actions DO matter. People can sense who genuinely care about them and have their best interests in mind. It’s a small “hello” message, a “thank you”, a tag in a picture, a “I’ve got your back”, a πŸ˜ƒ.  It’s reading through blogs, books and a Twitter feed of positive messages that can make you realize how powerful words and messages can be.

In this month of being cognizant of what we're thankful for, I will reflect more on my words and of those who uplift and encourage me. I will also do my best to do the same for others.

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